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  • 5 Summer Foot Health Hazards to Avoid
    Summer can be hard not just on the body but also on your feet. Feet are vulnerable to catch infections due to heat and humidity. Today Dr. Joseph Stuto of Stuto Read more
  • Treating Calluses and Corns
    Some people who have calluses and corns are not bothered by these foot skin conditions. On the other hand, if a callus or corn becomes very inflamed and painful, seek Read more
  • 4 Tips to Remember While Planning Your Outdoor Picnic
    Classic summertime activities like picnics are great fun. Nature and scrumptious food are the perfect combination to make your picnic a great experience. While we may be craving the outdoors more than Read more
  • Did You Know Custom Orthotics Help Your Feet, Knees, And Back Too?
    We know how useful orthotic inserts are for the feet; however, they are incredibly beneficial for the proper functioning of your knees, hips, and back as well.  Custom orthotic inserts provide Read more
  • Prevent Plantar Warts
    Summers are all about outdoor activities and water-related fun. With exposed feet, you need to practice extra care and caution. If you notice any rough and scaly skin on the heels Read more
  • Get Yourself Back In the Game
    At Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry, we know that the people of New York faced the brunt of the challenges associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. The state is now reopening in phases, Read more
  • Men’s Health Month – 5 Tips for Healthy Feet
    June is National Men’s Health Month, and at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry, it’s another opportunity to raise awareness about health issues that affect men, especially concerns about the health of Read more
  • Keep Safe at the Beach
    As summer starts to kick in, many people might be eager to get to the beach to cool off with family and friends. However, planning such a day in times Read more
  • Use Safety Precautions When Prepping Food at Home
    Current times have forced people to stay indoors. One of the benefits of staying at home is being able to enjoy quality time with your family and loved ones. This Read more
  • Good News for Art & Animal Enthusiasts – Virtual Tours and Live Streaming
    With the lockdown situation taking a toll on everyone, it is not uncommon to hear people being mentally stressed, overworked, exhausted, and even frustrated. With boredom kicking in, the situation becomes Read more
  • 6 Ways To Show Love and Support Towards Elderly Neighbors During Covid-19
    If you have elderly people in your neighborhood, be sure that you look after them and help them out during this quarantine period. It will be tough to help them out Read more
  • Are You Stressed About The Coronavirus? Here’s What You Can Do
    With the rapid spread of this infectious virus, many people are concerned about their safety and wellbeing.  In tough times, “health” somehow tends to take a back seat for many people. Read more
  • Find Relief From Your Heel Pain
    How your podiatrists in Brooklyn, NY can help with heel pain Heel pain can get you down and it can keep you down. Heel pain can dramatically affect your life. The Read more
  • A New Symptom–'COVID Toes'
    We are all familiar with some of the common symptoms a coronavirus patient may have like fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. But as we learn more about COVID-19, Read more
  • Boost Your Immune System with Food
    Did you know that the foods you choose to eat can either build your immune system? Therefore, at Joseph Stuto, DPM, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of consuming healthy foods Read more
  • Your Feet May Be Warning You
    Feet are complex structures designed to make us mobile and execute our movements swiftly. They face the maximum risk by carrying our entire weight, and yet are likely to get Read more

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