4 Tips to Remember While Planning Your Outdoor Picnic

4 Tips to Remember While Planning Your Outdoor Picnic

Classic summertime activities like picnics are great fun. Nature and scrumptious food are the perfect combination to make your picnic a great experience.

While we may be craving the outdoors more than ever, it is a crucial time to continue being smart and safe. Practice safe social distancing and other safety protocols to avoid the transmission of coronavirus. At Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry, our experts have some useful tips for you to consider while planning your picnic:

  1. Rules are rules! Don’t forget or overlook the safety guidelines of your respective local areas. While it is tempting to shake hands and exchange hugs, especially if you run into old friends or nearby neighbors, follow social distancing directions at all times. Maintain distance for your safety and to ensure other’s safety as well.

  2. Use sunscreen even if the day is cloudy. Harmful sun rays can damage your skin and lead to painful sunburns or rashes. Don’t let your picnic get spoiled – if you are packing hats, umbrellas, swimming suits, flip-flops, and more, make sure you carry your sunscreen along as well.

  3. Being in the sun is an excellent source of vitamin D; however, you could be facing the risk of dehydration, especially if you are perspiring. Keep water and electrolytes with you at all times, even if you are only heading out for a run or a short workout session.

  4. Put healthy foods on your picnic menu. Remember, the more colorful your bowl is, the healthier your diet is. Fruits and vegetables are a great choice for nutrition, much- needed vitamins and minerals, and they keep your body fit and healthy.

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