Don’t Give Up On Fitness

Don’t Give Up On Fitness

With clear and strict directives to stay at home, and with the closure of most gyms, many of us are finding it hard to cope as there aren’t many options available to release that energy buildup. Some of us may have already given up on maintaining a fitness routine.

However, we at Joseph Stuto, DPM have news for you: You don’t have to let go of your fitness routines just because you are homebound.

Here are some ideas that can be adopted:

  • With remote working and flexible hours, you may now have the luxury to work out in the mornings in the fresh air, under the sun, on your lawns, terraces, and rooftops. Make the most of this!
  • For those who have exercise equipment at home, now is the time to take it out and use it. Make sure that you clean and disinfect your equipment before and after use, as sweat and germs increase your risk of being exposed to bacteria and infections.
  • Work out with your kids. Children are experiencing tough times too since they can’t go out and need an activity to calm their nerves as well. Make exercising a group activity so that everyone can benefit.
  • Join an online fitness group that operates as a virtual training session. Aerobics and yoga sessions are gaining the most popularity. Participants can follow instructions being given by the trainers and get the same feeling of working out as they would in an actual gym.
  • If you are an outdoor person, you may opt for walking, jogging or cycling as long as you maintain and follow the guidelines of social distancing.
  • After you are done with your work out, make sure you shower thoroughly and change into clean clothes. It is better to keep your workout gear separate from your daily wear.

In times like these, the essentials of a nutritional diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise are key for healthy living and building up a strong immune system. We are now offering telemedicine. Dr. Joseph Stuto will be able for consultations if needed.  Call us at our offices in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403, New York.

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