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  • Injecting Relief into your Ankle
    Ankle pain is a very serious and debilitating condition that affects the lives of thousands of people all over the United States and many more across the world. It has Read more
  • Effects of Nail Polish on Your Nails
    Going to the salon and getting your nails done is a great way to relax and unwind. You can go alone or even with a group of friends. Manicures and Read more
  • Caring for Diabetic Feet
    Simple everyday measures could keep feet healthy and complication-free. Do you have diabetes? Have you just recently been diagnosed with this condition? If so, then you may be wondering the best Read more
  • Cosmetic Foot Surgery
    People all over the world look for ways to improve their looks on a regular basis. While some people are lucky enough to accept how they look naturally, others aren’t Read more
  • The Downfall of Our Feet
    When on the job there is always a risk of injury lingering in the background. No employee or employer wants to go through the pain and suffering of an injury Read more
  • 4 Ways to Prevent Foot Injuries at Work
    Sometimes emergencies happen at the workplace. These emergencies can be very scary and stressful for everyone involved. Most work-related injuries can be prevented with the proper training, management and the Read more
  • Safety Shoes: A Guide to Fit and Care
    Almost everyone has a job at one point of their lives or another. Each of these jobs requires different skill sets, different personalities and different uniforms and workwear. For example, Read more
  • Studying Stress Fractures to Prevent Injury
    In the medical world, there are scientists and researchers who dedicate their life’s work to specific causes. Some of them focus on cancers whiles others focus on sports related injuries. Read more
  • When Foot Development Is Problematic
    Children tend to be very active and are always getting into something. Due to their natural inquisitiveness and their need for adventure, the often find themselves running into a foot Read more
  • Is Earthing Right for You?
    Walking outdoors is always a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The fresh air, ambiance and atmosphere really amplify the enjoyment of it. Some people will walk at their local park, on Read more
  • How your Socks are Constructed
    Millions of people around the world wear socks with their shoes every single day. They come in many different shapes, styles, and fibers. Different types of socks have different functions. Read more
  • Itchy, Scratchy Foot Allergies
    The spring and the fall are a wonderful time of the year. The temperature is very mild, the weather starts to get nicer, and the ambiance and foliage is all Read more
  • The Top 4 Overuse Injuries Your Feet Could Suffer
    In ordinary everyday life, we use our feet and ankles a lot. They get us everywhere we need to go at all sorts of paces. They are so important yet Read more
  • High Risk High Heels
    Specialist Women have a large array of different types of shoes that they can choose to wear to work. Flats, clogs, sandals, boat shoes, and, most commonly, high heels. High Read more
  • Mirror of Health
    Today’s modern medicine is absolutely amazing. Due to advancements in the field, the average American life expectancy has shot up over 30 years. This means that many of us will Read more
  • Eleven Tiny Toes
    The saying, “Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, gorgeous eyes, button nose” is a phrase many of us have heard when expecting a child for the first time. Expecting a Read more

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