Boost Your Immune System with Food

Boost Your Immune System with Food

Did you know that the foods you choose to eat can either build your immune system? Therefore, at Joseph Stuto, DPM, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of consuming healthy foods that are rich in nutrients to boost your immune system.

While junk food may seem very tempting, it not only lacks nutrition, it is full of fats that are hazardous for your body.

Here are five foods that may strengthen your immune system, so that your body can fight bacterial, viral, and fungal infections:

  1. Oysters: we know that seafood is rich in fatty amino acids; however, oysters contain large amounts of the mineral zinc, which kills viruses effectively.

  2. Kefir (yogurt-like beverage): this fermented drink contains probiotics that are known to successfully fight respiratory infections and treat flu-like symptoms.  

  3. Sunflower seeds: these rich providers of Vitamin E are effective immunity boosters that equip your body to stay strong against infectious diseases.

  4. Mushrooms: if you want a robust immune system, you should increase your intake of mushrooms. They contain large amounts of amino acid proteins that strengthen your system, Vitamin D that builds stronger bones and create antibodies to counter any infections.

  5. Spinach: leafy greens in general, and spinach in particular, are rich sources of antioxidants and vitamin C. Spinach also contains Vitamin A that enables your immune system to function properly.

A healthy intake of foods will make sure that you stay fit. However, if you still face any problems or are concerned about your feet or ankles, consult your foot doctor without delay.

You may also schedule an appointment with our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Joseph Stuto, who is experienced in treating a range of foot-related issues like injuries and wounds, diabetic foot problems, joint and bone deformities, heel and arch pain, fungal infections, arthritis, and more. Contact our two offices in Brooklyn, NY, at (718) 624-7537 or (718) 567-1403 for a consultation.

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