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  • Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready
    After a long winter season, our feet have been hidden away and neglected. Due to indoor heating, our skin has dried out and started to crack. This can be especially Read more
  • You Don't Have to be an Athlete to Get Athlete's Foot
    Athlete's foot is a common condition caused by fungus.  You don't have to be a professional athlete or even a weekend warrior to have Athlete's foot.  It can find you Read more
  • Itchy Feet Blues
    Recently a patient came into my office saying she felt like she wanted to scratch her feet off!  She had seen me about a month before and I prescribed her Read more
  • Podiatrist Appointment and Gout
    In an earlier article, I talked about gout and what it is.  Sometimes gout can be recurrent.  In this case, doctors tend to prescribe certain medications to help prevent future Read more
  • Gout Will Make You Pout
    Well, Easter weekend has come and gone.  Some of you have visited family, over indulging on the goodies the bunny delivered, while others may have stayed home.  Hopefully nobody’s diet Read more
  • Why Proper Foot Care is Important for Diabetics
    People with diabetes have to be extra vigilant when it comes to their feet.  Wondering why, if you are not diabetic, or familiar with the problems a diabetic faces?  Or Read more
  • Non-surgical Treatments for Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis
    Are you suffering from heel spurs and/or plantar fasciitis?  If you are, you are probably more than familiar with the intermittent or chronic pain associated with these conditions.  These conditions Read more
  • Toenail Fungus and How to Deal with It!
    Do your toenails appear thicker than normal, yellowish or cracked?  Well, if so, you may be suffering from toenail fungus.  Toenail fungus is an infection that gets in through the Read more
  • Foot Size and Height, Can One Predict the Other?
    These days, it seems like people have bigger feet and are taller than in the past.  I don’t know about you, but teens seem so much taller now than I Read more
  • Benefits of a Foot Massage
    Who doesn’t love a good foot massage, right?!  Having a foot massage can be so relaxing, and stress-relieving.  Especially when we’ve been standing or walking around all day, as our Read more
  • Foot Conditions And How Your Podiatrist Can Help
    At Brooklyn Podiatrists in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Joseph Stuto sees a variety of foot-related conditions in his office daily. However, there are a few common conditions that he treats consistently. Read more
  • Foot Fractures Can Be Elusive
    Foot fractures are afflictions that are sometimes overlooked, with the sufferer not being aware of his or her problem. How does this happen, you wonder?  Well, they may feel pain Read more
  • Do Your Feet Constantly Take the Heat?
    Does your day keep you constantly on your feet?  So many of our patients come to us with chronically aching feet.  They spend their days standing, walking, rarely sitting down Read more
  • Aging and Your Feet
    Are the years catching up with you?  Feeling not as sprightly these days?  Unfortunately, as we age, our feet bear the brunt of the years behind us, and the weight Read more
  • Running Away from the Pain
    Running can be a great stress reliever.  People who have caught the “running bug” claim that they don’t feel happy or normal without getting their daily run in, or at Read more
  • Ingrown Nails Bothering You?!
    Do you suffer from ingrown nails? They can be really painful for anyone to wear shoes…even sneakers!  These annoying little buggers can go from just irritating to downright painful and Read more

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