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  • 4 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Walking Shoes
    Summers are associated with outdoor activities like walking, running, and hiking, to name a few. As you step out, it is important to know what kind of shoes to wear Read more
  • Protect Your Foot Joints this Arthritis Awareness Month
    At Joseph Stuto, DPM, as we progress into the month of May, our commitment to Arthritis Awareness increases steadily. No amount of emphasis on joint protection is enough to capture Read more
  • Are Foot Cramps Holding You Down?
    Have you ever experienced a sudden tightening of your foot or leg muscles in such a way that you needed to hold them or rub them to bring your muscles Read more
  • Give Your Feet A Break!
    Some professions require people to be on their feet most of the time. For example, construction workers, nurses, on-field reporters and the like usually find themselves on the move for Read more
  • Two Common Toenail Conditions That Harm Your Feet
    Our feet are precious assets that need constant protection and care; otherwise, they are susceptible to numerous hazards and problems. Toenails too can fall prey to infections, pain, and suffering. We Read more
  • Stand Up For Your Feet This National Foot Health Awareness Month
    This April, give your feet the care they deserve for bearing the brunt of all our weight and carrying us around all the time. At Joseph Stuto, DPM, we are Read more
  • How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis?
    Our feet comprise a complex structure of muscles, tissue, and bones. The long tissue that connects the heel with the toes is called the plantar fascia, which provides support to Read more
  • Types of Custom Orthotics Available
    Do your feet hurt after a long day at work? If so, have you considered custom orthotics? Available from the Brooklyn, NY, offices of Drs. Joseph C. Stuto and Joseph Read more
  • Don’t Let Your Ulcers Destroy Your Feet – Treat Them Now!
    Ulcers are painful cracks in your feet that expose the inner layers of your skin and make them prone to infections. Once infected, the condition becomes extremely unbearable and requires Read more
  • Eat to Health and Healthy Feet!
    Did you know that what you eat has a direct impact on the health of your feet? Eating healthy foods provide good nutrition and enable you to maintain your weight. Read more
  • Your Feet Deserve Extra Care
    While we have many things to be grateful for, we usually forget what a huge blessing our feet are and how important their role is in our daily lives. Not Read more
  • Protect Your Feet – Prevent Cracked Heels
    Cracked heels are quite common and quite curable as well if given proper care and attention. Due to excess and persistent pressure on the heels, they tend to develop a Read more
  • Cure Hammertoes Through Surgery
    Hammertoes are painful and cause severe problems when wearing shoes. If they become excessively bent, the problem is likely to worsen unless you take action to protect your feet from Read more
  • Put an End to Your Foot Pain with Shockwave Therapy
    Did you know that you can get rid of severe and chronic pain in your feet and ankles through shockwave therapy? This treatment is not new and many athletes undergo Read more
  • Save Your Feet From Stress Fractures
    Stress fractures are very common in the feet, especially when they are exposed to repeated yet sudden movements involving pressure and strong force. One would normally think of a bone fracture Read more
  • What Can Derail Your Exercise Plan?
    Exercising is an exhilarating activity – not only does it help you get in better shape, but it also makes you feel liberated and has a positive effect on your Read more

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