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By contactus@brooklyn-podiatrists.com
January 16, 2016
Category: Diabetic foot Care
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Diabetes can lead to serious foot conditions. Most foot disorders in diabetics are caused by two major complications, peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation. This is because high levels of sugar in the blood can destroy delicate nerves and fine blood vessels in the feet.


A major complication seen in Charcot foot is severe foot deformity which can lead to permanent disabilities. A number of treatment options are available both conservative and surgical.. This is done to treat fractures or correct the foot deformity.


Diabetics should practice proper footwear religiously to avoid serious complications. A visit to a podiatrist can help diabetics identify possible foot conditions. Dr. Joseph Stuto is a podiatrist who specializes in helping diabetics suffering from Charcot foot.


Peripheral Neuropathy


Neuropathy or nerve damage is a diabetic complication that can lead to loss of sensation in the feet. This makes it hard if not impossible for patient to detect wounds or even fractures.  Diabetes damages blood vessels interfering with the normal supply of nutrients. This can lead to weak bones increasing the risk for fractures.


Left untreated, the patient continues to use the injured foot resulting to more fractures and even joint dislocations. This can lead to foot deformities and long term disabilities.


Symptoms of Charcot Foot


In some cases, people may experience pain but this is not pronounced compared to those without neuropathy. A clear indication of Charcot Foot is swelling and tenderness in affected areas of the foot which is associated with fractures or injury.   


Treatment Options


Therapeutic  shoes – a special shoe is used to facilitate proper healing of the fracture. These shoes can be designed to conform with the unusual shape of the foot. This can also reduce the risk of wounds or ulcers.  


Casts  can be used to immobilize the foot during healing and prevent further injury. This is equally effective in reducing swelling. A walking brace, crutch or wheelchair is used to prevent weight from being placed on the feet. The cast is replaced every week or two to ensure proper  fit at all times.


Surgery is the treatment of choice for severe foot deformity. This is required for correcting and treating fractures and dislocations. This is used when conservative treatments fail to correct the condition. At our practice located in Brooklyn, NY, we specialize in helping people find relief from charcot foot.  To schedule an appointment call 718-624-7537.