Essential Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Essential Diabetic Foot Care Tips

What may seem like a simple, fast-healing foot injury to many people can quickly turn into a life-threatening problem for diabetics. That’s why it’s important to take diabetic foot care seriously. That means working with the dedicated foot experts at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry. The following foot care tips are customized for diabetics and will help you keep your feet safe from injury and infection.

Why is Foot Care So Important for Diabetics?

There are two problems faced by many people with diabetes:

  • Diabetics with neuropathy may not feel injuries to their feet. A simple cut or blister may not receive the care needed to heal because they aren’t acknowledged fast enough.
  • Diabetic feet often heal much slower due to reduced blood flow. Oxygen may not reach an injury to provide efficient healing. That leaves the diabetic more prone to infection even from the smallest cuts.

Basic Tips to Enhance Your Diabetic Foot Care Plan

The problems listed above are overcome with consistent attention to diabetic foot care. If you live in the Brooklyn - Heights, NY, area, our foot specialists can help you create a personalized care plan that accounts for your unique medical needs.

The following foot care tips can help you care for your feet while waiting for your first appointment with our foot doctor. They may also help you refresh a care plan that isn’t delivering the results you expect and deserve.

Avoid Simple and Unnecessary Injuries

Everyday behaviors that seem harmless to other people can quickly become injury and infection risks for diabetics. Some behaviors to avoid include:

  • Applying heating pads
  • Soaking in the bathtub, especially with hot water
  • Walking through rain puddles or snow without water-resistant shoes
  • Resting too close to a fire
  • Grooming toenails with sharp utensils
  • Wearing dirty socks

Add Foot Checks to Your Daily Routine

If you know you don’t feel everything that touches your feet, you must assume that you may not feel every injury that your feet sustain. That’s why one of the best tips for diabetic foot care is to check your feet at the same time daily.

You can do this before going to bed or before putting shoes on each day. Snap pictures of your feet using your phone camera if you want to zoom in to see all areas of each foot clearly.

If you’re in the Brooklyn Heights, NY, area, a personalized diabetic foot care plan is just one call away. Contact the foot care experts at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry by calling (718) 624-7537. We take pride in getting to know every patient and providing customized care based on individual needs.

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