Choosing The Right Orthotics For Your Feet

Choosing The Right Orthotics For Your Feet

You may already be familiar with orthotics, these are inserts that are worn inside of your shoes to help with a wide variety of foot problems. They can alleviate discomfort, help correct certain conditions, and improve the way our feet support us as we carry on everyday activities. Their early adoption, for specific cases, can help us avoid the need for surgery, and are even helpful in recovering from it. Orthotics fall into a few categories, but there is even more distinction between what type of materials they are constructed, to learn more you can reach out to Dr. Joseph C. Stuto, Dr. Joseph A. Stuto, and Dr. Lisa Fuchs of Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry in Brooklyn Heights, NY.

Soft Orthotics

For those who are suffering from pain, orthotics manufactured from soft materials are what is typically prescribed. These compress when pressure is applied to protect affected areas. They can help provide better balance and are also a common option for diabetic patients.

Rigid and Semi-Rigid Orthotics

Orthotics made of strong firm materials are usually better suited for controlling the motion of a joint and can keep the foot in a certain position to encourage correct movement altogether. These usually occupy less space in your shoe than soft orthotics.

A compromise type of orthotics between soft and rigid is referred to as semi-rigid. These are regularly used by those who practice physical activity, from regular exercise to sports.

Over-the-Counter Inserts

The types of inserts you may encounter at your local drug store can assist with easing discomfort and providing some level of support. Plastics and gel are the typical materials employed in this effort, and while they are helpful with mild conditions you should consult with your podiatrist. Your feet are very important and whatever discomfort you are feeling will rarely improve on its own, and rather than self-diagnosing you can depend on your podiatrist to discover the source of your pain. Custom-made orthotics from your doctor's office are made of better quality materials and are constructed with your foot and your condition in mind.

Orthotics in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Let your doctor guide you to the best type of orthotic for your feet, schedule a consultation today with Drs. Stuto and Dr. Fuchs of Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry in Brooklyn Heights, NY, by dialing (718) 624-7537.

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