Benefits of a Foot Massage

Benefits of a Foot Massage

Who doesn’t love a good foot massage, right?!  Having a foot massage can be so relaxing, and stress-relieving.  Especially when we’ve been standing or walking around all day, as our feet often feel sore and tend to swell up.  No one likes sore or swollen feet.  So, everyone enjoys a nice foot massage, right?  But, does it have other benefits heath-wise, other than helping us feel a bit more relaxed and relieving some of the pain?

The answer is YES!  There are several different kinds of massage techniques that promise certain health benefits.  Some therapeutic techniques focus on relaxing the tense muscles and strained joints.  Acupressure helps improve general health and energy flow by acting upon specific pressure points.  Aromatherapy uses scented oils and relaxing music to add an additional element of relaxation to the experience, and touches upon activating multiple senses.  Reflexology, another type of massage, seeks to improve internal organ function by massaging specific areas of the foot that relate to bodily functions. 

Foot massage holds many benefits to the lucky person who is getting one!  Some examples are:

  • It’s great for your sex life!... a foot massage can help the person who is receiving it by helping them forget the stress of their day, and is a great form of foreplay!  The feet are a great starting off point since they can cause mild arousal and offer an easy transition to more powerful erogenous zones- like the back of the knees and inner thighs… & up!
  • It helps improve circulation… the foot muscles don’t get much exercise, & the foot’s circulation is often impaired by tight, constricting shoes.  Foot massage is extremely beneficial, especially, for people with diabetes.
  • It reduces the effects of anxiety and depression…reflexology foot massage, especially, goes beyond putting the person receiving the massage in a relaxed state… it actually alleviates depression and anxiety by significantly reducing both states!

There are many other benefits to be had from getting a good foot massage, the afore-mentioned are only a few!  However, if you are still experiencing foot pain, even after getting a nice foot massage, Dr. Joseph Stuto is here to help!  Come visit us at either of our two convenient Brooklyn locations and Dr. Stuto will be happy to help you with any foot issue you may be having.

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