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  • Healthy Feet and Happy Holiday Shopping
    With the holiday season coming up and all the sales kicking off, attracting crowds to shopping stores and malls, make sure your feet are well-equipped to keep you running throughout Read more
  • Autumn Brings Closed Shoes and Women Woes
    At the onset of the winter season, we put away our open-toed shoes and replace them with closed footwear. This time of the year can be very tricky for our Read more
  • What You Need to Know about Diabetic Foot Care
    It is crucial that you care for your feet when you have diabetes. After all, for patients with diabetes, foot infections can quickly result in more serious health concerns, and Read more
  • The Link Between Your Diet and Your Foot Health
    What you eat has a direct impact on your body, especially the feet. It is important to know how the food you eat can affect your feet in a variety Read more
  • Are Your Heels Hurting?
    Are you experiencing pain in your heels and is that causing difficulty in walking? There are many reasons for heel pain, and knowing the root cause for your pain is Read more
  • Signs of Diabetes That You Should Know
    This November, we at Joseph Stuto, DPM are working hard to make our patients aware of the epidemic that is spread all over the globe, i.e. diabetes. During this Diabetes Read more
  • Why Do Ankle Sprains Occur and What Can You Do About Them?
    Your ankles are complicated structures of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. A sprain occurs when one or more of these ligaments become overstretched or torn due to some abnormal foot Read more
  • Are Calluses Causing You Trouble?
    Calluses occur when the skin, usually at the heels or under the joint of your big toe, becomes rough, hard and then cracks open due to dryness. If left unattended, Read more
  • 3 Reasons Why Toenail Fungus Comes Back
    Fungus thrives in warm and moist places like gyms, pool showers and even the space inside your shoes. Closed areas restrict the moisture from drying up, thereby creating a breeding Read more
  • Know What Is Causing You Arch Pain?
    We have heard how complex the structure of our feet is. But did you know that the arch too has an intricate structure layered with muscles and tissues? Two ligaments Read more
  • Reduce Fall Risk Among the Elderly
    Did you know that falls are the leading factor behind fatal and non-fatal injuries among senior citizens? At Joseph Stuto, DPM, we want to make sure that our senior patients Read more
  • Let Orthotic Shoe Inserts Work for Your Feet
    Are you suffering from pain in your heels, arches or the balls of your feet? Has walking become an unbearable ordeal for you? Try using orthotic shoe inserts to relieve Read more
  • Don’t Let Progressing Age Slow You Down
    September is Pain Awareness Month. It’s a great time for us at Joseph Stuto, DPM to ensure that our senior patients are aware of what challenges lie ahead for them Read more
  • Are Flip-Flops Really A Smart Choice?
    With summer temperatures still lingering, flip-flops are a popular choice for footwear. These easy slip-ons are undoubtedly the breeziest shoes you can find to beat the heat. However, are they really Read more
  • 7 Essential Ways To Ensure Healthy Feet
    Our feet are amazingly complex structures, and their functionality is even more intricate. Yet we take our feet for granted and assume mobility as given. However, even the slightest damage Read more
  • Is Foot Odor Troubling You?
    Who doesn’t like to be carefree and enjoy wearing comfy shoes without worrying about foot odor? Unfortunately, an unimaginably large majority of people suffer from this odorous condition. Did you know Read more

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