Pamper Senior Feet with These Gifts

Pamper Senior Feet with These Gifts

The holiday season is here, and if you’re wondering what gift should be given to someone, especially the elderly in your life, why not consider foot pampering! Today Joseph C. Stuto, DPM, Joseph A. Stuto, DPM, Lisa Fuchs, DPM, and Momna Younas, DPM, at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry in Brooklyn, NY, share a few suggestions for gifts that are sure to put a smile on your elderly loved one’s face.

Senior feet deserve extra loving care for a variety of reasons. Lack of blood supply is a common problem among the elderly and can lead to pain, infection, and non-healing wounds, especially in the lower extremities. Foot health is a fundamental part of overall health and wellbeing, which is why helping seniors pamper their feet can make a great gift this holiday season.

Here are a few suggestions for gifts that are sure to be a hit with your senior loved ones:

  • Manicure/Pedicure kit: Who doesn’t love TLC at home? Help your aging loved ones feel refreshed and energized by putting together a manicure and pedicure set for home. Make sure to include essential tools such as toenail clippers, cuticle nippers, moisturizer or cream (upon prescription from a podiatrist or dermatologist), and a pumice stone for callus removal. If your loved one cannot administer these tools safely, offer to visit and do it yourself or let a podiatrist do it to avoid chances of accidents and injuries.
  • Socks: The type of socks you wear can impact the health of your feet. Anyone with diabetes, neuropathy, and other illnesses that affect the blood flow in the feet might enjoy a pair of diabetic socks. These socks can improve blood flow in the lower extremities (especially during the cold weather), keep your feet dry, provide protection and cushioning against the seams and rough edges of your shoes to prevent blisters and other problems. If your loved one is a fall risk, you can opt for socks with non-skid rubber treads to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Shoes: Gifting the right shoes can save your elderly loved one from blisters, bunions, injuries, and other foot problems. Shoes should be replaced after a year or after five hundred road miles. It is best to take seniors to the store to ensure a proper fit.

Show the seniors in your life that you appreciate, support, and care by giving them a thoughtful gift they can use. For more information, you can contact us at either of our two office locations: Brooklyn - Heights, NY (718) 624-7537 or Brooklyn, NY (718) 567-1403. We look forward to serving you.

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