Don’t Ignore Foot Pain in Children

Don’t Ignore Foot Pain in Children

Some children experience pains as part of the growing process, and others feel pain due to overexertion. Persistent pain in children’s feet, however, is not a good sign and should not be ignored.

Most kids develop foot arches after they are three years old; till then they normally have flat feet. It is important to regularly examine their feet at this age and to provide necessary support in case their feet hurt. Ensure proper care so that your child keeps optimal foot health.

Flat feet may seem scary, but they are not always painful. In fact, the pain can be eliminated through customized orthotics and other methods. Timely consultation with your podiatrist will save your children from suffering unnecessarily.

Here are some signs that parents should look out for and take necessary actions accordingly:

  • Your child frequently complains about pain in the feet, ankles, or legs.
  • They avoid or withdraw from physical activities like running, sports, and other exercises.
  • They walk in an unusual manner, perhaps by limping, or walking on their toes, or putting more weight on the outer sides of the feet instead of using the entire foot.
  • They tend to trip or fall frequently due to the pain in their feet.

If you notice anything unusual in their gait or if they are constantly complaining about pain, schedule an appointment with our podiatrists Dr. Joseph C. Stuto, Dr. Joseph A. Stuto, Dr. Lisa Fuchs, and Dr. Momna Younas, without delay.

Our experienced doctors have found that most children encounter pain due to flat feet. With thorough examination and evaluation of your child’s feet, they can recommend proper treatment, including orthotics, exercises, and more, that will help in the proper development and growth of your child’s feet now and prevent any painful foot-related conditions in the long run as well. Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry offices are conveniently located in Brooklyn - Heights, NY (718) 624-7537 or Brooklyn, NY (718) 567-1403. Contact or visit us for more information.

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