Back To School Season with the Right Shoes

Back To School Season with the Right Shoes

Back to school season is here — students are eager to start their upcoming school year. But like most things in the year 2020, the school year in the new coronavirus era is going to be anything but normal.

Whether it's a traditional or virtual classroom, the health and safety of every child are paramount. At Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry, we are here to support parents and walk them through some of the best ways to protect their kid's feet before they head back to school.

Keep an eye on your child's feet: The younger the child, the faster it grows. This rapid growth requires parents to do a regular foot and shoe check. Make sure to get your child's foot measured every three months to ensure their shoes fit correctly. Shoes that are too tight and small can lead to serious foot deformities and permanently damage the structural integrity of the foot.  

Don’t assume shoe size: A young child may not be able to communicate correctly and tell you if the shoe size fits right or not. You need to be certain of the shoe size that your child wears - never assume! The right shoes can help prevent injuries and help aid the healthy development of your child's feet.

Check the condition of their shoes: If the child's shoe has lost all of it's cushioning and padding, it is time to shop for a new pair. Shop with your child. Just because you know their size doesn't guarantee that it's a proper fit. Always have his or her foot measured by a professional.

Don't delay seeking treatment: If your child is too young to communicate, don't dismiss the visible signs of hurt. If your child's walk does not look symmetrical or has a limp, see a podiatrist for a check-up right away. Look for any signs of foot pain and fatigue.

It is not normal for a child to experience foot or ankle pain. If you have any concerns about your child's feet, contact Dr. Joseph Stuto, our board-certified podiatrist. Call us or visit any of our two offices today at Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403, New York. Get free access to our patient education library and blog articles that will guide you in dealing with potential health issues.

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