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  • Common Foot Problems Associated with Weight Gain
    Not only does being overweight affect your major body organs, but your feet take a beating as well. Numerous studies are reflecting on the harmful effects of excess weight on Read more
  • De-Stress and Protect Your Feet
    Did you know that stress, high blood pressure, and poor foot health are interconnected? Yes, it’s true! High levels of stress, increase your blood pressure and put you at risk Read more
  • Men’s Health Month – 5 Tips for Healthy Feet
    June is National Men’s Health Month, and at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry, it’s another opportunity to raise awareness about health issues that affect men, especially concerns about the health of Read more
  • Your Feet May Be Warning You
    Feet are complex structures designed to make us mobile and execute our movements swiftly. They face the maximum risk by carrying our entire weight, and yet are likely to get Read more
  • Let the Fun Continue with Healthy Feet
    Are you one of those who set fitness goals at the beginning of the New Year, but end up sitting back? Is that because you injured your feet or suffered Read more

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