Treating Calluses and Corns

Treating Calluses and Corns

Some people who have calluses and corns are not bothered by these foot skin conditions. On the other hand, if a callus or corn becomes very inflamed and painful, seek proper treatment from your podiatrist here at Stuto at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry.

During your consultation in our Brooklyn, NY, or Brooklyn – Heights, NY, office, Dr. Joseph Stuto will inspect your feet to rule out other possible causes of your symptoms like cysts or warts. You might also need to undergo an x-ray if your podiatrist determines that your callus or corn is due an abnormality in your foot structure.

Treatment Options for Corns and Calluses

Treatment typically entails avoiding repetitive habits or actions that led to your corns and calluses to develop in the first place. In most cases, this involves wearing shoes that fit well and protective shoe pads. But if your calluses or corns persist or bring you pain despite doing the necessary self-care and lifestyle modifications, your foot doctor will recommend one or a combination of these treatment options:

  • Custom Orthotics: If your condition is due to a foot abnormality, your podiatrist may recommend customized orthotics in the form of shoe inserts to prevent the recurrence of your bothersome callus or corn.
  • Medication: Your podiatrist may apply a medicated patch that contains high salicylic acid concentration and instruct how often you’ll have to replace the patch. For larger areas, you can also opt for salicylic acid gel. You’ll also be instructed to use an emery board, nail file, or pumice stone to buff dead skin cells before putting on a fresh patch or applying the gel.
  • Smoothening Excess Skin: Your podiatrist can trim or buff away corns and calluses using a scalpel here in our Brooklyn, NY, or Brooklyn – Heights, NY, office. Never attempt to do this yourself.
  • Surgical Treatment: Rarely, podiatrists suggest a surgical correction for fixing the alignment of a certain bone that causes friction, and in turn, the formation of persistent corns and calluses.

Take note that if you suffer from a condition that results in obstructed blood circulation to your feet like diabetes, you have a higher chance of developing complications from calluses or corns. So never try to do DIY removal methods without your podiatrist’s advice.

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