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By Joseph Stuto, DPM
December 19, 2017
Category: toe conditions

Going to the salon and getting your nails done is a great way to relax and unwind. You can go alone or even with a group of friends. Manicures and pedicures can also be wonderful ways to get rid of calluses  and dead skin and to refresh your hands and feet. Although pedicures are a great pastime, they can sometimes cause your feet health problems.

Repetitive painting of your nails can lead to discoloration. This is a common cause of yellow finger and toe nails. Although it is not a serious condition, it can be bothersome and unwelcoming. Yellow nails are not always solely from nail polish. They can also be due to a fungal infection, age and other diseases. It is important to check with a podiatrist to be sure that nail polish is really the cause of your yellow nails.

Why does nail polish cause yellow nails?

Many brands of nail polish contain iron oxide which over time can absorb into the nail resulting in yellow toenails. This is particularly common when using red, orange or darker shades of nail polish. Applying a clear basecoat before applying polish can help reduce the likelihood of yellowing nails from nail polish. Frequent use of nail polish can also trap moisture under the nail bed which may lead to infection and therefore nail discoloration. Fungus can also grow on nails if a pedicurist does not properly sanitize their equipment between uses.

How do I treat it?

The easiest way to treat discoloration caused by nail polish is to leave the nails bare and unpainted for a while. This will allow the nails to recover and go back to their original color. If you do want to repaint them, always apply a base coat and avoid reds and oranges, opting instead for lighter colors.

Yellow nails can stress anyone out. If you have yellow nails, you should seek the help of a podiatrist immediately to rule out the possibility of fungus and other dangerous conditions. Call Joseph C. Stuto, DPM and Joseph A. Stuto, DPM of Stuto Foot & Ankle Group, located in Brooklyn, New York. Making an appointment is easy - call 718-624-7537 or make an appointment online today. Your toenails do not have to stay yellow, there are many options available to help you get them back on track.