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By Joseph Stuto, DPM
February 10, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Very often, people wear shoes that are uncomfortable, too small, too big, or lacking the proper ankle or arch support.  Doing so can lead to problems with the feet and ankles, and even shins.  One of the common ailments that we see at the office of Dr. Joseph Stuto, DPM, are people complaining of soreness throughout their feet, heels, or ankles.  More often than not, the solution is simple - change the shoes you are wearing!  Many patients we see are wearing shoes that do not fit properly, and therefore, create blisters, problems with straining of the arches, and even ankle sprains.

Some tips to avoid conditions that are easily avoidable are:

  • Have your feet sized professionally at a shoe store, to make sure you are wearing the right size.
  • Peoples’ feet can grow, especially women, after pregnancies.  It is a good idea to have your feet re-sized after having a baby!
  • Children’s feet should be sized every 6 months to a year or so, to make sure they are wearing the proper sized shoes for them!
  • When exercising, always wear comfortable sneakers that are not too worn out, which provide the appropriate support for the foot’s arch and ankle.
  • Sneakers only last so long, and need to be replaced once they get too worn.  Otherwise, they do not give the feet the support they need!
  • And for the ladies, be careful while wearing high heels - wearing them for long periods of time can cause injuries to the feet or ankles!  It is also very important to pay attention to where you step, as a misstep in high heels can result in a twisted, sprained, or broken ankle!  So, exercise caution, ladies, while rockin’ those heels!

Hopefully these little tips can help some people avoid problems with their feet!  However, if foot or ankle pain persists after making these changes, Dr. Joseph Stuto and his team of certified podiatric medical assistants and licensed physical therapists are here to help!  Just contact us at  our two convenient locations in Brooklyn: (718) 624-7537 (Brooklyn Heights), or (718)567-1403 (Brooklyn) to make an appointment.   Immediate appointments are available for emergencies.