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By Joseph Stuto, DPM
January 07, 2019
Category: Children's Feet

Children’s feet suffer from many of the same foot conditions that adults do, but they may vary in frequency due to their active lifestyles and rapid body growth.

At Joseph Stuto, DPM we know that a child may not be as communicative or receptive about their foot pain. No matter how cautious parents are, they at times could miss the underlying problem. That is why we’d love to help parents find ways to ensure that their child keeps optimal foot health.

Caring for your child’s feet

It is important that you keep your child’s feet in good condition. Good foot care during their growing years can help prevent many foot problems.

  1. Allow their feet to be free and active, not restricting them by tight leggings or beddings. Make sure foot coverings are loose enough to allow good blood circulation.
  2. Keep your child’s feet clean by washing them regularly with soap and water. Dry them properly so that the skin doesn’t get soggy.
  3. It is paramount that your child starts to wear shoes that are a proper fit right from the very beginning. Make sure the shoes are lightweight, flexible, and well-cushioned. Poorly-fitting shoes can lead to painful foot deformities. Since children’s feet grow at a very fast pace, their shoe size needs to be checked every month or so.
  4. Help your child maintain a healthy weight. This releases extra pressure and stresses away from your child’s feet. Hence, proper weight management can ward off many serious foot and ankle problems.

If your child often complains of foot pain or struggles to walk with a flat foot, it’s time to talk to an experienced podiatrist who can help assess your child’s overall foot health.

If you are noticing any changes in the development of your child’s feet and legs, it’s important to bring it to the attention of our professionals at Joseph Stuto, DPM. Our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Joseph Stuto can assure that your child gets the highest-quality foot and ankle care and treatment necessary for optimal foot health. For more information on your child’s growing feet, call (718)624-7537 or browse through our extensive patient library online.

By contactus@brooklyn-podiatrists.com
September 07, 2015
Category: Children's Feet

Foot problems can develop during our childhood years. This is why parents should take special attention and check their children’s foot for anything unusual. Simple things to remember is to always buy properly fitting shoes to prevent foot and toe deformities. Foot problems may go undetected in children simply because they are unaware of their condition or unable to express how they feel.

So to help parents identify if their child is suffering from a foot problem, here are points that suggests if your child is suffering from a foot condition. If you believe that your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, then it’s best to consult a foot specialist or podiatrist. Dr. Joseph Stuto is a podiatrist who specializes in helping children with foot conditions.

Your child has trouble keeping up with his playmates – difficulty in handling physical activities at home and at school could be an indication of a foot problem. Trouble keeping up with their playmates could be a subtle signal of a foot condition.

Your child complains of never ending pain or swelling from his foot – chronic pain and inflammation in the foot is a clear indication of a foot problem, immediately consult a podiatrist.

Your child is not comfortable showing his feet to anyone, even their parent – if you notice your child wearing shoes at home and overly conscious about their feet. 

Your child is reluctant to participate from activities he usually enjoys – children who suddenly stop participating in physical activities such as those that involve heavy use of their feet such as running or jumping.

Your child has a tendency for repeated clumsiness – this can be an indication that your child is having difficulties with their motor abilities.

Your child is not comfortable wearing shoes – physical deformity or chronic pain in the foot makes wearing one an uncomfortable experience.

Your child’s feet are always sweaty and smelly – sweat is an excellent breeding ground for infections. Fungal infections in particular causes smelly feet.

Uneven shoe wear – this indicated that weight is evenly spread on the foot or your child is favoring one foot over the other. This could be an indication of a foot deformity.

Your child complains of pain on his toenails - ingrown could also be present in children. Improper nail trimming can cause the development of a toe ingrown.

Purchasing properly fitting footwear is a simple way to prevent foot problems in children. Our feet undergo tremendous growth in our childhood years that anything that could prevent its normal formation could have a lasting effect in our later years.

At our practice located in Brooklyn, NY, we specialize in helping children with developmental foot problems. To schedule an appointment call 718-624-7537.