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By Joseph Stuto D.P.M.
January 23, 2015
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Ankle Instability and How To Treat ItAnkle instability is an urgent cause for concern—especially in athletes and people who are frequently on the move. If the ankle isn’t properly stabilized after an injury, sprain or other trauma, it can worsen and lead to more serious ankle issues that are more difficult to treat. Visit Brooklyn, NY podiatrist Dr. Joseph Stuto, DPM immediately if you believe you may have a possible case of ankle instability.

What Is Ankle Instability?

When you’re about to take off into a sprint or participate in other high energy activity, do you frequently feel that the ankle “gives way,” failing to provide you with the proper support you need? This may be a sign of possible ankle instability. Ankle instability is caused by stretched ligaments in the ankle that are characteristic of a past ankle injury.

Causes of Ankle Problems

Many ankle injuries are caused by one of the following issues:

  • A poorly aligned foot that doesn’t give proper support.
  • Playing high-risk sports that require a lot of twists and turns (like football, volleyball, basketball and tennis).
  • Failing to stretch and warm up before activity.
  • Loose ligaments (may be hereditary). 
  • Wearing shoes that aren’t designed for athletic activity while participating in an athletic activity (for instance, wearing flip flops when running every day).

If you’re unsure of the cause of your ankle instability, ask Brooklyn NY podiatrist Dr. Stuto.

Treatments for this Condition

An X-ray and hands-on examination is the first step to getting treatment for ankle instability. In some cases it can be treated with physical therapy (special exercises) to strengthen the joints and ligaments. In some cases, the podiatrist may recommend splinting the ankle for support. In cases that can’t be resolved with non-invasive solutions, surgery can help tighten and regenerate ligament tissue in the ankle.

Have Your Ankle Stabilized by Dr. Stuto

Dr. Stuto has two conveniently located offices to serve his patients—one in Brooklyn (718-567-1403) and one in Brooklyn Heights (718-624-7537). Pick the location that’s best for your needs and call Brooklyn NY podiatrist Dr. Stuto's staff to schedule a consultation about your ankle instability. You can also learn more about common foot-related ailments at the doctor’s website: http://www.brooklyn-podiatrists.com.