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By Joseph Stuto DPM
March 09, 2015
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Toenail fungus: not everybody has it, and you're sure glad if you don't. The gross appearance of a toe that's been afflicted with fungal infections can be downright gruesome for others to see, and can cause pain and lasting residual discomfort for those who have it.

But at the office of Joseph Stuto, DPM, there are lasting answers for toenail relief with the trusted hands of helpful podiatrist Toenail Fungusprofessionals on site. Each and every one of them will not be satisfied until your toenails are no longer in bondage to foot fungus!

Treating Toenail Fungus

One of the top ways to fight toenail fungus at Dr. Stuto's office includes the innovative Cutera Laser, which can painlessly take care of all the fungal structures in your toes so that you can have happy feet once again! This state-of-the-art toenail laser fungus treatment offers a multitude of benefits over more archaic therapies for overcoming foot fungus, including:

  • less pain
  • improved safety
  • lasting results

Called the GenesisPlus Cutera Laser, this unique laser shines a centralized light through your infected nail(s) and the surrounding foot tissue. Pigment in the fungal matter absorbs the laser light, causing the pigment to get hot. This intensification of heat ends up wiping out the fungus in each and every problem toe, resulting in a fully-functional nail again that can regrow to its former glory days!

Typically, the expert podiatrists at Dr. Stuto's office will pass the laser over your problem areas until enough energy reaches your entire nail bed.

Here's what you can expect during the laser treatment:

  • your toe(s) will feel warmer
  • your toe(s) won't feel any pain
  • your toe(s) will come out fungus-free!

For more information on the GenesisPlus toenail laser fungus treatment, give Dr. Stuto's office a call today at (718) 567-1403 for lasting podiatrist relief available right here in Brooklyn, NY.