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By Joseph Stuto DPM
June 10, 2015
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If you have children, you know kids love sports. No matter the sport your child prefers, you'll often be faced with buying special equipment to keep your child healthy and safe. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your options, but your Brooklyn foot doctor has a few tips and tricks to help Choosing Spikes or Cleats for Kids Playing Sportsyou find the right spikes and cleats for your child’s feet.

What Sport Does Your Child Play?

The first step in deciding which type of cleats or spikes are right for your child will be determining exactly which type of cleats are best for the sport your child is engaged in. If your child is playing Track and Field, there are different types of spikes for each sport.

Types of running spikes include:

  • Track Spikes
  • Cross-country spikes
  • Field event spikes

Other sports may require cleats instead of spikes.

An example of these sports includes:

  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Lacrosse

Getting a Good Fit

Your Brooklyn foot doctor recommends that you shop for your child’s athletic shoes at the end of the day, when your child’s foot has expanded the most. This can help you ensure you don’t get a shoe that’s too snug. Allow your child’s foot a little bit of extra room for the toes to wiggle. Just make sure not to get a shoe that’s too big, otherwise it can cause blisters.

Have your child try on shoes with the socks that they’ll be wearing for that specific sport. Ask your athletic store about socks that are designed for cleated or spiked shoes. Be sure to lace the shoes properly and have your child walk around the store in them to make sure they fit comfortably before you take them home.

When in doubt, ask your Brooklyn podiatrist for their recommendations. Getting the proper footwear can help protect your child’s feet from blisters, infection, and injury. If you’re concerned about your child’s feet during sports season, contact Dr. Joseph Stuto, your pediatric foot doctor with offices in Brooklyn and Brooklyn-Heights, for a consultation. The right cleats or spikes could make all the difference in your child's comfort and performance.