By Joseph Stuto, DPM
November 09, 2017
Tags: orthotics   bowlegs   flatfeet   intoning  

Children tend to be very active and are always getting into something. Due to their natural inquisitiveness and their need for adventure, the often find themselves running into a foot or ankle injury. Not all of a child’s foot or ankle injuries are from activities. Some of them occur as their body develops. Here are four different types of developmental problems to look out for:

  1. Bowlegs – This condition is typical for infants 12-24 months in age and can be obvious when looking at a child’s legs. Healthy legs should be relatively straight up and down. Bowed lags curve out like a bow, hence their name. Many children or adults with this condition are still stable on their feet. A lot of the time, the condition spontaneously resolves itself. If the bowlegs are severe and are hindering an individual from natural movement, more drastic measures such as surgery can be taken.
  2. Knock-knees – This condition, which usually stems from bow legs, is relatively normal for children ages 2-4.  It typically improves with age and straightens out at around 11. Sometimes bracing is used to help aid in the correction of the disorder if it is severe and causing mobility issues.
  3. Flat Feet – Flat feet are very common in children and adults alike. Flat feet are usually due to genetics. Most of the time, they cause no problems for an individual. Other times they can cause pain and tired feet. Good orthotics and shoes can help treat this condition.
  4. Intoeing – This is when the upper part of the body at the hips is rotated inward and causes an abnormal gait. Twisting a shin bone is one of the most common causes of intoeing in children between ages 1 and 2. Thigh bone torsion usually causes intoeing for children ages 3 to 15. 

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