By Joseph Stuto DPM
January 06, 2016
Tags: Bunions  

Patients sometimes joke about their bunions, but in reality, this foot problem is no laughing matter. Untreated, bunions can lead to an array of issues that affect your feet, legs and even your back. Dr. Joseph Stuto is a foot doctor, located in Brooklyn, who often treats patients who struggle with bunions due to walking long city blocks and working on their feet. Understand the various treatment options Bunionsfor bunions and how Dr. Stuto can help you get some relief.

What is the Cause of Bunions?
Bunions develop over time due to excessive stress on the feet and toes. That undue stress is often caused by spending extended periods of time walking while wearing poorly made shoes. Women often struggle with bunions because they sometimes prioritize fashion over function when selecting heels to wear for work. Bunions are also common in ballerinas and dancers because they spend so much time on their toes and feet in uncomfortable shoes. Patients are sometimes prone to developing bunions due to genetics. 

Why Bunions Are Problematic?
Bunions cause the toes to bend together unnaturally and a large bump forms on the inside of the foot. Though some people may assume that bunions are mostly an aesthetic problem, they can also cause other issues if allowed to persist. For instance, the pain from bunions can become so intense that it is impossible to walk normally. When you walk abnormally it could put a strain on your legs and back. The pressure on the toes over time could cause arthritic symptoms.

What are My Treatment Options?
There are a number of viable treatments for bunions. One is to wear a special orthotic device designed by your Brooklyn foot doctor that will train your toe back into the proper position. Medication is also prescribed to reduce inflammation and pain as the bunion heals. In advanced cases, a procedure called a bunionectomy may be necessary to realign the toe.

Call for Help with Your Bunions
You do not have to live with bunions and allow them to get worse. Have them treated by a skilled foot doctor. Call Dr. Stuto's Brooklyn office at (718) 624-7537 today to schedule an appointment