By Joseph Stuto, DPM
March 15, 2018

Going to a podiatrist can seem a little bit scary at first. Just like any doctor, they have many different tools they use to help them get the job done. All of these medical tools serve a specific purpose to help aid a podiatrist as they work on your feet. Some of the tools may look like everyday items you also use. Other tools may look like nothing you have ever seen and maybe a little bit intimidating. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common medical tools a podiatrist uses and what to expect from them.

Nail Clippers – Most people have a set of these hanging around their house. Their function is to cut toenails that are starting to get too long. If you do not regularly maintain your toenails they can turn into ingrown toenails. These can cause pain, infection, and suffering.

Nail Files – Nail files act like sandpaper. They gradually file down the nail. They are used to help even out nails that are broken, straighten nails that are cut crooked, and to take small amounts of nail away when clippers are too much.

Scalpel – A scalpel is a very sharp blade that is often used as a surgical tool. In the office, it can also be used to lance off warts that are numb via a local anesthetic.

Hard Skin Debridement Drill – This is for those hard-to-eradicate calluses, corns, and other damaged tough tissue.  It slowly files the tissue away so that it no longer bothers the patient.

Autoclave – This machine heats other podiatric tools to a very high temperature. The high temperature disinfects the tools so that they can be used again as sterile equipment.

Nail Splitters – These splitters are used to make a cut or incision in the nail. They help to remove ingrown toenails that are embedded in the skin.

Podiatry Chair – Even the chair you sit in when you visit the doctor’s office serves a purpose. Not only does it keep you in the right position, it also can hold extras supplies for your podiatrist.

Although visiting any doctor can be daunting, it is necessary when suffering from foot and ankle problems such as bunions, corns, neuromas and more. If you suffer from any of these afflictions, it is important to see a podiatrist right away for treatment. If you want the best podiatrist, consider calling Joseph Stuto, DPM of Brooklyn, New York. There Dr. Joseph A. Stuto and Joseph C. Stuto can examine your feet with their tools of the trade. Call 718-624-7537and make an appointment today.