By Joseph Stuto, DPM
August 10, 2017
Category: foot care tips
Tags: calluses   corns   blisters   cracked feet   cramps  

Dancers are on their feet all the time. They put a lot of pressure and stress on their feet and toes while practicing their art. It is important for dancers to take good care of their feet so that they can continue their passion for a long time. Here are some hacks for those dancers suffering from different types of foot pain. 

Are your feet full of blisters?

  • Bathe your feet in green tea. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will help ease the pain and swelling from blisters.
  • Use soft gauze to wrap your toes up. This prevents corns from forming on the toes due to moisture and friction from dancing.
  • Put deodorant on your feet to prevent blisters. This helps to prevent moisture from building up on the foot. Spray deodorant is typically the easiest to apply.

Have dry and cracked feet?

  • Use ½ cup of baking soda and 3 cups of warm water. Put this in a basin or bucket and dip your feet in. Soak them for up to a half hour. Once they are soaked in this combo, you will have baby soft feet again.

Have cramps in your feet?

  • Stop. Put all of your weight onto the foot with the cramp on it. Bend your knees a bit and stay in that position a while. It will stretch out the foot and help the cramp.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water constantly. Dehydration will cause muscles to cramp.
  • Keep up with your vitamins, especially vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. If you are low on any of these, you can cramp up very easily.
  • Warm up before you start to dance. If your muscles aren’t warmed up, they will be more likely to tear or stretch, which may hinder your dancing.

Calluses have you in rough shape?

  • Use a pumice stone to file them down. Be careful not to get rid of them completely though, they are protecting your feet after all.

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