By Joseph Stuto, DPM
December 06, 2017
Category: Fall prevention
Tags: proper footwear  

When on the job there is always a risk of injury lingering in the background. No employee or employer wants to go through the pain and suffering of an injury but, unfortunately, they happen far too often. Although we can’t completely avoid all slips and falls in the workplace, we can take measures to prevent them.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, in 2003, 4.4 minion injuries occurred while at the workplace. About a third of these injuries resulted in days away from work. Of the injuries that kept workers home, 240,000 were due to falls. Sadly, about 700 workers died from a fall at work in 2003.

The cost of a disabling work injury is estimated at about $34,000 per employee. If you include the indirect costs of such injuries, then you are looking at 5 times more than the direct cost of the injury. For a small company, that can really hurt.

There are mainly two types of falls that can occur at work:

  • Same level falls - these occur at a high frequency and have a low severity
  • Elevated falls- these occurs at a lower frequency but have a higher severity

Most falls that occur are same level falls. Elevated falls are less likely to occur and usually happen from less than 10 feet high.

How to avoid falls:

  • It is important to wear the proper footwear when performing work. Anti-slip shoes, shoes for climbing and other types of shoes are all very important assets to you in your work environment. Without the right footwear, your risk of a slip or fall rises significantly.
  • Another cause of falls is due to running or fast walking. When you walk or run at a faster pace, more exertion is put on your feet and ankles, with the result that the body needs more coefficient of friction between the shoe and the walking surface to prevent a fall.
  • Other common problems are debris and hazards in the workplace, not looking where one is going, carrying material that obstructs a view, failure to use a handrail and using dark eyewear in poorly lit areas.

Although not all falls are completely preventable, you can take proactive measures to help lessen the risk.

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