January 16, 2016
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Preventing cracked heels is preferable to spending hours treating dry feet. There’s definitely no shortage of over the counter ointments or home remedies for getting rid of cracked feet. But preventing cracked heels is so simple and does not cost a cent either.


Cracked heels are so inconspicuous that we tend to ignore them. After all what’s a little callous on your feet. Cracked heels when left untreated can have its own share of symptoms. Itching and bleeding from your cracked heels require the attention of a foot specialist or podiatrist. This is necessary when home remedies are ineffective. Dr. Joseph Stuto is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with treating foot conditions.


Possible Complications of Cracked Heels


If you’re still consider cracked heels  to be a superficial imperfection, this might not be life threatening but could be irritating and prevent you from performing simple activities. Below are possible complications of cracked heels:


Difficulty in walking or running


Itchiness and a burning sensation around the heel

Inability to stand for long periods of time


How to Prevent Cracked Heels


Why suffer from the trouble of treating cracked heels when prevention is much simpler.  People with dry skin have a higher tendency of developing cracked feet so be sure to keep your feet moisturized.


Check skin products that have high alcohol content – alcohol sucks up your skin’s natural oils. Skin astringents are notorious for containing high alcohol levels.


Moisturize after bathing – give your skin an extra layer of protection against friction and keep your natural oils locked in. The feet may not get the same level of attention unlike other areas of the body because it is less visible. So don’t forget to give your feet the same level of love and attention.


Minimize sauna and steam baths – if you’re suffering from dry skin, minimize or avoid saunas and steam baths. Just like taking a hot bath, this will remove natural oils from your skin.


Let your feet breathe – good air circulation helps keep your feet healthy. Avoid tight fitting shoes to prevent excessive sweating.


Load up on water – keep your skin hydrated by giving it a steady source of moisture.


Minimize your coffee and alcohol intake – both of these drinks are diuretics or things that promote the elimination of liquids from the body.


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