By Joseph Stuto, DPM
November 20, 2017
Category: foot care tips
Tags: Safety Shoes  

Almost everyone has a job at one point of their lives or another. Each of these jobs requires different skill sets, different personalities and different uniforms and workwear. For example, a doctor requires a special education and a white coat while an electrician requires a different type of board certification and safety wear. Not all safety wear is made the same and shoes certainly are not a one size fits all, especially when it comes to your job or trade.

Once you pick the right safety shoes for your job, it is important to use best practices to properly care for them. This will extend the life of your work shoes and it will also allow for happier, healthier feet.

The first thing you should do is find a pair of safety shoes that fit properly. When at the store, or when you receive them from your online order, be sure to do the following to test for proper fit:

  • Walk around in the new pair of safety shoes you received. Make sure they do not slip off your foot, or pinch anywhere on your foot.
  • Your work shoes or boots should have a lot of room in the toe area. If they are squashed together or cramping, chances are you need to return the shoes and try again.
  • When picking out a pair of shoes in the store, be sure to bring the right socks with you. If you are ordering shoes online, be sure to keep in mind the kind of socks you will be wearing in those shoes. Thicker socks call for shoes that are wider or will stretch.
  • When you tie the shoes, make sure that they are snug around the heel and ankle. If they are loose, exchange them for a new pair.

Now that you have a pair of good fitting safety boots, here is how to care for them:

  • Apply a protective coating of water repellent to your work boots. This will help repel any water or moisture from the outside of the shoe which will provide you with drier feet.
  • Inspect your shoes every week. If there are holes, punctures, or other damage, be sure to replace the shoes accordingly.
  • Wash your shoes regularly. Washing your shoes with a mild detergent and a little bit of water will help keep them fresh and clean for longer use.

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