September 27, 2017
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Today’s modern medicine is absolutely amazing. Due to advancements in the field, the average American life expectancy has shot up over 30 years. This means that many of us will be around for many more years to come. This also means that we will be using our feet just as much.

Our feet are often referred to as a “mirror of health.” Podiatrists are usually the first doctors to encounter early signs of diabetes, arthritis and vascular diseases in the feet. Brittle nails, burning, tingling, and dry skin are all early telltale signs of these conditions of the feet.

With the right care, these foot problems can be prevented. You do not have to live your life thinking that foot pain is just part of growing older. In fact, over 300 foot and ankle ailments can be prevented just by visiting a podiatrist twice a year. A podiatrist can help pick the right shoes, give out exercise options, and use orthotics to help treat your feet.

Walking is also known to help with aging feet. The more active you are as you age, the healthier you will keep your body. Those who are bedridden and less active are more likely to suffer more severe problems because of it. When walking, it is important to wear proper shoes to help protect your feet. Shoes should not be too restrictive but should offer ample cushion, stability, shock absorption and support. Walking with the right shoes will bring you a healthier, happier lifestyle. It will also give you healthier and happier feet.

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