By Joseph Stuto, DPM
September 25, 2019
Category: orthotics

Are you suffering from pain in your heels, arches or the balls of your feet? Has walking become an unbearable ordeal for you? Try using orthotic shoe inserts to relieve the pain in your feet and ankles.

By redistributing weight around various areas of your feet, orthotics lift undue pressure from the inflicted areas and provide the necessary support so that your feet feel comfortable and stress-free.

Some over-the-counter orthotic inserts are effective; however, if the pain persists, it is better to get customized ones made by your foot specialist according to your shape and size for optimal benefits. Here are some of the issues that can be avoided simply by using orthotic inserts:

  • Inflammation of the tissue running below your feet, connecting the heel bone to the toes (also known as the plantar fascia) can be reduced through inserts.
  • Inserts provide support and reduce the intensity of impact which may result in the occurrence of Achilles tendonitis (pain caused by soreness of the muscle joining the calf to the heel).
  • They help correct your posture which may also reduce any knee or back pain that you may be encountering.
  • Orthotics provide the necessary support which may eliminate the need for surgery for joint issues or bone protrusions.
  • They provide stability and balance, thereby preventing falls and resultant sprains or bone fractures.

It is strongly advised that you visit your foot doctor and get your feet examined regularly to identify any issues that may be affecting your gait or posture. Your podiatrist will also direct you to use the right inserts that will maximize the health of your feet.

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