By Joseph Stuto, DPM
May 10, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: toenail fungus  

Recently a patient came into my office saying she felt like she wanted to scratch her feet off!  She had seen me about a month before and I prescribed her an antifungal cream.  Apparently, it wasn’t doing the trick.  After soaking her feet and examining them, I found that she had patches of skin missing.  It was obvious that she had been pulling the skin off.  When we discussed what was happening, she told me that her feet feel so itchy, she scratches them- and dead skin easily comes off (or is pulled off!) 

She knows she shouldn’t do that to her feet, yet she said it’s so difficult not to since they itch, and seem to be covered in a layer of callous/dead skin.  I explained that some foot fungus is very stubborn and resistant to certain types of creams.  It is similar to antibiotics, as our bodies are simply resistant to certain kinds of antibiotics, and doctors sometimes have to prescribe two or three different ones before they can find the one that solves the problem. 

It is definitely frustrating, though, and I empathize with her feelings.  She told me she’s so tired of having this foot problem and just wants it to go away, and have healthy skin on the soles of her feet, as she once did.  Unfortunately, though, she waited years before she saw a podiatrist.  When I asked her how long she’s been dealing with this, she divulged to me (in an embarrassed state) that it’s been years that her feet have been like this.  Sometimes it is worse than other times.

In the case of foot or toenail fungus, early detection and treatment is very beneficial.  Since the longer one waits in this situation, the more advanced the fungus becomes. It grows and gets stronger and more resistant to various treatments.  In her case, it would’ve been wise to deal with this much, much sooner. 

When you have problems with your feet, they can sometimes go on the “back burner” and be ignored.  This is not a good idea, though, as many problems can be dealt with and cleared up so much faster when they are in their earlier stages.  So, if you are experiencing something similar to this woman, or any other foot or ankle problem… don’t wait!  Call Dr. Joseph Stuto.  He has two convenient Brooklyn offices available to see patients.  Don’t let your itchy feet bring you down- get in to see your podiatrist and kiss those itchy feet blues goodbye!