By Joseph Stuto, DPM
February 16, 2017
Category: toe conditions
Tags: ingrown toenail   diabetes  

Do you suffer from ingrown nails? They can be really painful for anyone to wear shoes…even sneakers!  These annoying little buggers can go from just irritating to downright painful and infected.  If an ingrown nail becomes infected, it can lead to serious issues.  At the office of Dr. Joseph Stuto, we often see people who are suffering from ingrown toenails.  Usually, by the time they seek out a doctor’s help, they are extremely painful and infected.  Obviously, it’s a good idea to try to avoid having this happe

n!  There are some things you can try at home when you are suffering from an ingrown toenail, to try to avoid infection.  However, if you suffer from diabetes, poor blood circulation, or nerve damage in your foot, you should not try to self-treat this condition at home.  Here are some helpful tips to try to treat your ingrown nail at home, and hopefully avoid having a serious problem:

  • Do a warm water soak… place your affected foot in warm water, add some Epsom salts, and soak the foot for 15-30 minutes- do this at least 2-3 times a day
  • After soaking, dry the toe and apply some iodine or hydrogen peroxide, cover the toe with a bandage or gauze pad afterward
  • Avoid pointy toed shoes, or anything tight fitting and stay away from high-heeled shoes until the affected toe heals
  • Wear only very roomy shoes with low heels, and wear only cotton socks
  • Be careful when cutting your toenails- only cut the nails straight across, rather than curved.  Use an emery board or nail file to take care of any sharp edges
  • Do not over-cut the toenails (only cut the nail as short as the length of your toe)
  • Air out your toe as much as possible but keep clean

Remember, home remedies should only be used for mild cases of ingrown nails!  If the condition is already severe (if pus, blood, and or watery discharge is coming out of the affected area), you should seek out medical treatment by a podiatrist!  If you are facing this situation, contact our office to request an appointment and Dr. Stuto will be there to help! His two convenient Brooklyn locations have flexible hours to accommodate all your foot care needs!