By Joseph Stuto, DPM
July 05, 2017
Category: toe conditions

Podiatrists treat all types of foot and ankle ailments. They can range from sprains, fractures, and breaks to calluses, vascular disorders, and other diseases. There is not much they haven’t seen when it comes to the feet and ankles. As such, they very commonly treat problems with the toe. Toenails specifically are treated on a regular basis. Your toenails are made out of protein, calcium and other substances. They are very thin (only about 1mm or less) and grow constantly. They are very hard due to their sulfur content and the lack of water they have in their composition. Although toenails are tough, they are subject to a lot of different disorders.

Thickening and Discoloration

Are your nails so thick that you can barely clip them? Are they yellowing or becoming less translucent? This may be a sign of nail disease and should be treated by a podiatrist, such as Dr. Joseph Stuto of Joseph Stuto, DPM in Brooklyn, New York. He can examine the nailbed and determine whether the thickening and discoloration is due to disease, age, or fungus.


When you have a green colored nail, you have fungus. Fungus is an infection of the nail. It can cause a nail to thicken and discolor or become brittle and break down. Fungus is hard to treat but is not incurable. Podiatrist’s often use antifungal medications to kill the fungus and prevent it from returning to the nail.

Ingrown Toenail

Another common toenail problem is an ingrown toenail. This is when the nail grows, curves and cuts into or embeds itself into the skin. It can cause an infection that will further harm the toe and that can spread to the foot. Podiatrists can cut the offending nail with special clippers. Sometimes, if the nail is very embedded into the foot, a foot surgery must be performed to remove the nail and prevent infection.

Whether you have a fungus, an ingrown toenail, or your nails just don’t look how they ought to, it is important that you get them checked out by a podiatrist. Call 718-624-7537 or make an appointment online today. Dr. Stuto will examine, diagnose and treat your toenail so you can have one less problem on your plate.