By Joseph Stuto, DPM
October 25, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: blisters  

Millions of people around the world wear socks with their shoes every single day. They come in many different shapes, styles, and fibers. Different types of socks have different functions. Some are better for high intensity activities while others are good for casual use. All of these socks have a certain construction and not all are made the same.

Typically, socks are knitted together via fabric. There are two common types of stiches used when making socks. They are the rib stitch and the stockinette stitch. The rib stitch is usually used in the leg area or in other cases the whole sock uses the rib stitch. The stockinette stitch is usually used in the foot area. The rib stitch tends to be very stretchy and will return to its original shape after being stretched out. If either of these stitches ravel out the sock will unravel or get a hole in it. These socks should be discarded and replaced.

Seams of a sock should be evenly knitted and flat. Seams that are higher up on the foot of the sock tend to be more comfortable than seams at the end of the sock. The toe and the heel area should be smooth and fit comfortably to avoid irritation. There should never be bunching in any area of the sock.

Heel shape is very important in a sock. Socks with square heels give the best fit. Socks with a small curved heel tend to slip under the foot or off of the foot completely. This can cause bunching of the sock inside the shoe which can lead to foot problems.

Decoration of a sock is very important as well because it lets you know the quality of the sock. Socks with sharp color, clear patterns and contrast are usually of better quality. Socks that have overlapping patterns, dull colors and no clarity are poorer quality. Poor quality socks will fall apart easier or lead to blisters.

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