Halloween is all about having fun — trick or treating, partying with friends and loved ones, dressing up like skeletons and ghosts, watching a horror film, or visiting fright festivals and haunted attractions. Whatever your fun Halloween adventures are for the night, we at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry want your little ones to stay safe. A foot or ankle injury can quickly spoil all the fun.

Here are some do's and don'ts to help make your child’s Halloween fun, safe, and injury-free:

  • DO visit areas that are well lit. Use sidewalks rather than walking down the middle of the street. Know your route so you don't accidentally trip and fall.
  • DON’T let your child wear oversized footwear or high heels as they can affect their balance. Stick to shoes that offer protection, stability, and proper arch support.
  • DO hem your child’s costume so that it falls above the ankles and does not become a tripping hazard.
  • DON’T let your child wear a mask that can impair their vision. Try face paint but first test the color in a small area of the child's skin for any allergies.
  • DO let your child carry a flashlight at night to avoid unseen curbs, potholes, and other hazards. It may save them from a potential injury like a sprain or fracture.
  • DON'T let your child carry accessories like brooms or lightsabers as they can increase the chances of tripping or other injuries.

If your child runs into any foot or ankle pain on Halloween, contact Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry.

The key to prevention is to take proactive measures. Make sure to consult your podiatrist for advice regarding your foot health to avoid pain, injury, and other complications. Dr. Joseph C. Stuto, Dr. Joseph A. Stuto, Dr. Lisa Fuchs, and Dr. Momna Younas can examine your foot and determine the best treatment course to get you back to feeling pain-free. You can contact any of our offices located in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403, NY, and schedule an appointment with our team of board-certified podiatrists.

Happy Halloween and stay safe!