By Joseph Stuto, DPM
March 08, 2018
Category: foot conditions
Tags: orthotics   edema  

Pregnancy is an amazing journey that many lucky women are able to experience.  As the body grows and expands to accommodate the new bundle of joy, you may notice mild swelling throughout your body. It will be especially apparent in the feet and the ankles. The amount of swelling you experience can vary by the hour (increasing in the evening) and by the weather (warmer temperatures forecast more swelling).

When Do Feet Swell During Pregnancy?

Edema affects a broad range of women during their pregnancy. On average, about a third of women suffer from edema. Edema is most common during weeks 22 to 27 of pregnancy. After pregnancy edema can still plague a woman.

What Is the Reason for Pregnancy Swelling?

Edema happens during pregnancy due to an increase in blood flow and bodily fluids. This increase of fluids and flow is due to the need to create a healthy baby. It helps a baby build tissue and also helps to make sure the mother is getting enough blood flow as well. This increased flow can put pressure on the body which causes the swelling. Many times, the swelling is centered within the feet and ankles due to the natural gravitational pull.  Another reason you may be experiencing swelling in your feet is due to faster than normal weight gain.

What Are the Risks of Swollen Feet and Ankles?

Some mild swelling of the feet and ankles is completely normal during pregnancy. While some people experience this swelling, others can experience no swelling at all. It all depends on the woman and how her pregnancy presents. If the swelling is accompanied by other symptoms such as a headache, dizziness or high blood pressure, it is important to call a doctor right away.

If your doctor checks you out and determines that you are only experiencing simple edema and no other serious pregnancy risks, consider making an appointment to see a podiatrist. A podiatrist can set you up with a custom orthotic to help keep the swelling of your feet under control. These orthotics can also add support to the feet and prevent pain when walking. Please call calling Joseph Stuto, DPM of Brooklyn, New York. There Dr. Joseph A. Stuto and Joseph C. Stuto will explain edema to you and help you find solutions to treat it. Call 718-624-7537and make an appointment today.