By Joseph Stuto, DPM
June 01, 2017
Category: ankle facts

Podiatrists everywhere deal with ankles and feet every day. There are muscle injuries, bone injuries, diseases and other ailments that can affect us. At Joseph Stuto, DPM, located in Brooklyn, New York, we have seen just about everything. One of the most common questions we receive is, what is an ankle made up of and why is it so important?

Although podiatry is not solely focused on the ankle and its injuries, many podiatrists like Joseph Stuto, DPM and his staff treat ankles too. After all, the ankle is connected to the foot bone. Seven bones, called tarsals, make the composition of an ankle. These bones are held together by muscles and ligaments. These muscles and ligaments are often susceptible to sprains, tears, and other injuries that can wreak havoc on your day to day life.

The muscles and ligaments connect the ankle bones to the foot. The ankle also connects the foot to the lower leg bones known as the tibia and fibula. The ankle acts as a connection or joint from the foot to the leg and allows us to move around.

The ankle is also known to help keep your balance and keep you upright. Due to the joint, muscles, and ligaments, the ankle is flexible enough to move front and back as you walk and allows for the flexibility your body needs when running, jumping, walking, and moving.

Without the flexibility of the ankle, your entire body will start to feel negative effects of physical exertion. Due to the connective nature of the ankle, you could see problems in your feet, your legs, knees, hips, spine, and overall health.

When walking forward the muscles in our ankles flex forward to compensate for the movement. If your ankle locked up or was immobile your body can no longer rely on it to help compensate for the pressure of walking. As such, the body looks for another way to help counteract the pressure and strain of the movement. This is where your knees, feet, hips, and other important joints get involved. Over time, as your ankle is locked, the added pressure builds up and can cause aches, pains, and tears. These injuries can cause lifelong pain and suffering and could adversely affect your day to day lifestyle.

Joseph Stuto, DPM of Brooklyn, New York knows just how important your ankles are and how they can affect your body as a whole. Want to talk anatomy? Think you might have a locked ankle or other underlying issues? Call 718-624-7537and make an appointment today. We strive to get you and your ankles able again.