By Joseph Stuto, DPM
March 01, 2017
Tags: Bunions   toenail fungus   hammertoes   calluses   corns   arthritis  

Are the years catching up with you?  Feeling not as sprightly these days?  Unfortunately, as we age, our feet bear the brunt of the years behind us, and the weight of our bodies, and the years catch up with us, in the form of foot pains and problems with foot health. As we get older, our foot health has more and more to do with our overall well-being…  And with the problems people face with foot pain as they get older, they find themselves in situations where foot issues can be debilitating.  Even if a person has never had foot issues in the past, decades of standing on your feet changes them, as the natural cushion of padding under the heel and the ball of the foot is lost.  The arches in the foot become less flexible, as they become flatter, and the ankles and joints become stiffer, and the whole foot gets longer and wider. 

 At the office of Dr. Stuto, we have many patients visit us more and more as they get older.  Feet issues and age seem to go hand-in-hand, actually.  Problems we see often with the elderly are: bunions, calluses and corns, hammertoes, toenail problems, foot problems related to diabetes, heel pain and Charlie-horses, & foot problems associated with arthritis.  We even see issues with arch pain, Achilles tendonitis, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, and Morton’s neuroma. 

The good news is that you don’t have to live with foot pain!  Dr. Stuto’s two convenient Brooklyn locations make it easy to get the help you need.  Don’t let foot pain keep you from your everyday activities!  Since being able to walk easily is such an important component of health, a foot disorder should not stand in your way.  Walking is one of the best ways to exercise and keep fit, as you age- never mind the wonderful mental health benefits this action brings, as well.  Many foot ailments are easily treatable, and relief is simply a phone call away.  Don’t let foot problems slow you down, contact Dr. Stuto  or request an appointment so he can get you back on your way to a healthy and happy lifestyle!