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By Joseph Stuto, DPM
August 07, 2019
Category: foot safety
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Summer activities include heading out to sandy beaches and enjoying the cool water sports. Despite all the fun and excitement associated with beaches, numerous hazards are lurking around, waiting to pounce at you.

Here at Joseph Stuto, DPM, we remind you to be careful of the following:

  • Glass, splinters and other sharp objects hidden in the sand may injure your feet or cause puncture wounds. Make sure to wear some easy-to-slip-on shoes while walking on the sand to protect your feet.
  • It is difficult to control yourself from jumping out the car, running across the parking lot and diving into the waters; the enthusiasm is even stronger among children. However, parking lots are scorching under the sun which is likely to burn your feet before you make it onto the sand. Again, wearing shoes is critical.
  • Sunbathing and tanning are attractive leisure activities; however, too much exposure can cause sunburn, especially on your feet as they tend to be the most exposed. It is essential to apply sunscreen after an interval of two hours and after coming out of the water as well.
  • Beach volleyball matches are frequent occurrences during summertime. While running on the sand is fun, however, it increases the chances of sprains as the surface is uneven. Therefore, keeping a pair of sneakers with you will save you a lot of trouble.
  • Restrooms are unsafe yet unavoidable. They are the hub of bacterial and fungal infections which spread very easily and quickly. Wearing closed shoes and washing your feet thoroughly on returning from the beach is strongly advised. Keeping an antiseptic with you is also beneficial.
  • Jellyfish stings are unbearably painful. While most jellyfish that end up on the shores die, even the dead ones can sting. Baking soda and vinegar are known to reduce pain from stingers.

To avoid any long-run damage, get your feet examined by our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Joseph Stuto for proper diagnosis and treatment. Contact our offices located in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403 to schedule your appointment today