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By contactus@brooklyn-podiatrists.com
August 22, 2019
Category: Foot Injuries
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While most ankle sprains occur due to sports activities, it is common to experience sprains due to other reasons as well such as tripping, injuries and the like.

There is no doubt that ankle sprains need to be treated by a doctor or a medical professional; however, here are a few tips to safeguard your ankles effectively:


  • The ‘RICE’ method is quite well known to treat ankle sprains, i.e. rest, ice application, compression, and elevation.
  • Rest is critical as any damaged tissue inside your feet and ankles will not get any time to recuperate and return to health if you do not allow any time between your physical activities.
  • Physical therapy not only protects your feet and ankles, but it also helps in speeding up the healing process and alleviating issues like joint pains, bone deformities, arch issues, etc.
  • Wearing the right footwear that is shock-absorbent and softer on the heels is useful to enhance the health of your feet. Sudden movements, especially in intense workouts, may result in sprains and injuries if proper footwear is not used.
  • Orthotic inserts are also an excellent tool to ensure stability and balance, thereby reducing your chances of spraining your ankles.

At Joseph Stuto, DPM, our podiatrist is not only equipped with the latest technology but also possesses vast experience in treating a diverse range of foot conditions like fungal toenails, bunions, arthritis, diabetic nerve damage to the feet, ingrown toenails, fractures, sprains and more.

If you have any foot pain or if you require any further information regarding the health of your feet, feel free to contact us or visit any of our offices located in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403. Our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Joseph Stuto can examine your feet and prescribe the right course of treatment accordingly.

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
January 23, 2019
Category: Foot Injuries

As thrilling and exhilarating as running can be, it would be naïve to ignore the harmful effects associated with it if precaution is not exercised.

Here are some of the four most common running injuries that you can encounter:

  1. Achilles tendinitis  – a drastic increase in activity, aggressive calf stretches, and tight-fitted shoes can cause the Achilles tendon, a band of fibrous tissue that connects the calf muscles to the back of the heel, to flare up, causing severe pain and discomfort. This injury develops over time from repetitive movement.
  2. Shin splints – are a common occurrence in runners and soccer players, primarily due to poor biomechanics and overtraining. Too much strain can cause severe pain, discomfort, tightness, and inflammation around the shin bone (tibia).
  3. Plantar fasciitis – This is a common injury for runners, usually caused by overusing the muscles in your feet. These abrupt, recurring movements can cause small tears, swelling, and tightening of the plantar fascia.
  4. Stress fractures – repetitive motions, weak bone density, quick or abrupt movement during sports activities (like cross-overs in basketball) can cause hairlines cracks or tears in the bone.

Injuries can be physically and emotionally hard to deal with especially if you’re a pro-athlete and run for a living. The key to injury prevention requires recognizing an injury and taking prompt action when pain comes along. If you develop recurring pain from running and are not sure what’s wrong, see a podiatrist for a professional opinion.

If you are suffering from severe foot pain, chronic overuse injury, or any other foot and ankle condition, call Joseph Stuto, DPM located in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403, New York. We treat everyone from infants, children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Dr. Joseph Stuto and his highly-trained staff can treat your running injuries and a multitude of other foot and ankle problems with advanced technologies and expertise. Contact us at either of the two numbers listed above or schedule an appointment. Check out our patient education library covering a wide range of podiatric-related topics and gain a better understanding of your feet.

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
September 12, 2018
Category: Foot Injuries

Running is a great way to keep in good health. It’s the kind of activity you can do anytime or anywhere. Proper footwear can help avert running injuries. While running, the feet and ankles take on a great deal of stress. A runner may experience an injury if the stress exceeds high levels. Injuries often experienced by runners include Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.

Following are some key tips to help avoid running injuries:

  • The importance of warm-up and stretching: Before you go on your daily runs or do any form of exercise, it is extremely important that you do some warm-up laps and stretches. Take 5 to 10 minutes to do the necessary stretches such as knee clasp, hamstring stretch, and wall push-ups. It is necessary to warm up the Achilles tendon to avoid tendonitis.
  • Proper footwear: Choice of footwear is key in averting major running injuries. Wear the right shoe for the right activity. For example, one cannot wear golf shoes while going for a morning run. Always wear the right shoe size to help avoid overlapping of your toes. Before making a shoe purchase, have the foot measured by a professional. Avoid going barefoot.
  • Orthotic shoe inserts:  Put inserts inside the shoes to help correct fallen arches, gait imbalances and other problems.
  • Stop rushing: When one starts a new exercise routine after a long break, you need to take it slow and easy to avoid injury (stress fractures).
  • Cooling off after your exercise routine: Let your body cool off and recover after a good run.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of fluids before, in-between or after the long run. This can help lessen cramps, which are often caused by dehydration.

Running injuries are quite common. Even pro athletes experience this over and over again. The best resource for your foot and ankle needs is your podiatrist.

If you are suffering from a sports injury or any other foot and ankle condition, then it is time to call Joseph Stuto, DPM of Brooklyn, New York. There Dr. Joseph A. Stuto and Dr. Joseph C. Stuto can help you with all kinds of foot and ankle problems. Contact us at (718) 624 7537 and schedule an appointment today!

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
August 15, 2018
Category: Foot Injuries

The human body has a built-in mechanism to address stress. Your body needs to recover every time you encounter physical stress in the form of exercise or activity. The applied stress can bring about a positive change, as it can strengthen muscles, ligaments, bones and tendons. However, you may be at risk of an overuse injury when you try to take on too much physical activity too quickly.

Overuse injuries are very common. They occur as a result of repetitive action or trauma. Overuse injury can happen to anyone. However, you are more likely to sustain this type of injury if you have certain health complications. Some of the most common overuse injuries among athletes include Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, swimmer’s shoulder, runner’s knee and shin splints.

An overuse injury typically stems from:

  • Training errors. It’s the most common cause of overuse injuries. This occurs when you take on too much too soon. Simply doing too much exercise or activity can cause serious strain to your muscles and cause overuse injuries.
  • Faulty technique. A proper technique is key in avoiding overuse injuries. For example, a slight change in swimming form can result in pain to your neck and shoulders.

If you are suffering from overuse injuries, you might want to listen to your body and ease down the level of activity. It is important that you go to a podiatrist and get him to examine your injury.

At Joseph Stuto, DPM, our team of board-certified podiatrists can help you pinpoint the exact issue that undermines your performance and will provide comprehensive treatment to guide you in fixing this problem. Our podiatrists Dr. Joseph C. Stuto and Dr. Joseph A. Stuto can be your go-to team in helping you get rid of overuse injuries. Contact us at our two convenient locations in Brooklyn: (718)624-7537 (Brooklyn Heights) or (718)567-1403 (Brooklyn) to make an appointment.

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
March 16, 2017
Category: Foot Injuries

Foot fractures are afflictions that are sometimes overlooked, with the sufferer not being aware of his or her problem. How does this happen, you wonder?  Well, they may feel pain or soreness in their foot, but if the nature of the fracture is not severe, and the sufferer does not have it looked at by a podiatrist, it can be overlooked.  Other times, a foot fracture cannot be missed, as the pain of it simply unbearable.  Some foot fractures end athletes’ careers, and plague them for life.  Others heal nicely, and the person who experienced it is lucky to have it become only a distant memory.  This is the scenario one would obviously hope for. 

When we see patients suffering from foot fractures that are severe, it is always a sad scenario, especially if they are an athlete.  One type of foot fracture we see many athletes suffer from is a “Jones fracture”.  A Jones fracture occurs at the fifth metatarsal in the foot, which is located at the base of the pinky toe.  This is a common fracture for those who are physically active, and is a fairly common injury that podiatrists encounter.  It’s named after orthopedic surgeon Robert Jones, who first identified the injury by self-diagnosis!  He suffered the ailment while dancing, which is why it is also referred to as the “Dancer’s fracture”.  This fracture is often mistaken for a sprain, or an avulsion fracture.  For this reason, it is always important to have your injury diagnosed as soon as possible.  Because the area of the Jones fracture has a very small blood supply, these fractures disrupt that already small blood supply, and due to this, can take much longer to heal!  They may also require surgery for treatment!  Professional athletes suffering from this injury typically miss 6-8 weeks from their season due to the injury.

If you suspect you are suffering from a foot fracture, call Dr. Stuto!  He has two convenient Brooklyn locations for his patients to visit.  So, if you are experiencing foot pain, don’t ignore it… it could be more serious than you realize.  Have it looked at by Dr. Stuto, to make sure you’re not dealing with something more serious than a simple ache and pain… better safe than sorry!  If you have a foot fracture, he can help you get on the road to recovery, as soon as possible.