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By Joseph Stuto, DPM
June 15, 2020
Category: Foot Care

June is National Men’s Health Month, and at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry, it’s another opportunity to raise awareness about health issues that affect men, especially concerns about the health of their feet and ankles. 

Men are usually casual when it comes to the health of their feet. Foot problems will not magically go away. It is essential to develop healthy habits and have regular check-ins with your podiatrist for boosting your foot health. Today, Dr. Joseph Stuto, at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry in Brooklyn, New York, is sharing five tips for healthy feet.

  1. Change your socks every day – even twice a day, depending on the kind of activity you are engaged in. Feet tend to sweat more during the summer months and to keep your feet nice and dry, change your socks regularly.
  2. Wash your feet daily.  Your feet need to breathe. When you have taken off your shoes, wash them thoroughly with soap to get rid of bacteria.
  3. Keep your feet dry.  Make sure you dry your feet thoroughly, especially the inside of your toes. Feet with moisture tend to breed bacteria, resulting in foul smell and other complications like fungal infections.
  4. Trim your toenails. Do not clip deep into the nail or into the sides of the nail, as that can cause ingrown toenails, resulting in severe pain and swelling. Try to cut them straight across and never too short. If you do not trim your nails properly, you risk toenail infections that can be extremely painful and may require surgery.
  5. Avoid bathroom surgery. In case you have rough skin or calluses, use a pumice stone or put some padding in your shoe to reduce the pressure from the affected area. However, refrain from self-treating your foot issues. Seek the advice of a professional foot doctor.

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By Joseph Stuto, DPM
May 08, 2020
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Heel Pain  

How your podiatrists in Brooklyn, NY can help with heel pain

Heel pain can get you down and it can keep you down. Heel pain can dramatically affect your life. The good news is, your podiatrist can help you get relief from heel pain. Drs. Joseph C. and Joseph A. Stuto at Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry can help you and your feet. They have two convenient office locations in Brooklyn, NY to help your feet feel better.

You may suffer heel pain because of:

  • A heel bruise, from stepping on sharp objects
  • A heel spur, from excess calcium deposits on your heel

Plantar fasciitis is the most frequent reason for heel pain. It’s a condition common to runners and people who experience significant foot stress. It is most commonly caused by overpronating or rolling your feet when you walk, and it can also be caused by standing or walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

Plantar fasciitis results from inflammation of the thick band of tissue that runs across your heel. This band of tissue is known as the plantar fascia. When it becomes inflamed, it can cause severe pain in your heel and along the side of your foot. Plantar fascia pain may increase when you first stand up in the morning and put weight on your feet.

When you experience heel pain, you may get relief with a few simple remedies like these:

  • Placing ice on your heel several times each day
  • Doing arch stretches several times each day
  • Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication

For moderate to severe heel pain, you should seek out the help of your podiatrist. At Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry, your podiatrist may recommend:

  • Custom made orthotics or heel inserts
  • Physical therapy and stretching exercises
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT)

You don’t have to suffer from heel pain. You can experience relief and get back to enjoying your life. To find out more about heel pain treatment and other foot care services, call Drs. Joseph C. and Joseph A. Stuto of Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry in Brooklyn, NY at (718) 624-7537. Call today!

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Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
May 05, 2020
Category: Foot Care
Tags: covid toes   symptoms  

We are all familiar with some of the common symptoms a coronavirus patient may have like fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. But as we learn more about COVID-19, we see an emergence of newer symptoms. One such symptom dubbed “COVID toes” by many experts might be the latest sign of coronavirus infection.

Although this condition has not affected a majority of people, many who have been tested positive are young adults and children. Today Dr. Joseph Stuto of Joseph Stuto, DPM in Brooklyn, NY is sharing information on the newest possible symptom.

COVID toes are purplish-bluish-reddish like lesions that appear on the skin of the feet, especially the toes, and usually hurt when touched. Some patients have reported a burning sensation in the affected areas.

An interesting feature of COVID toes is that patients who have this condition don’t seem to exhibit any other commonly known symptoms of the coronavirus, such as fever, fatigue, cough, and respiratory problems.

Some doctors have observed that this may be an early warning sign indicating the progression of the disease. However, in some people, the condition of COVID toes disappeared in a week or 10 days. Considering that this condition appears in younger patients, the disappearance may be attributed to them having a stronger immune system.

Experts have highlighted two possible reasons for the occurrence of COVID toes:

  • It could be due to clotting in the blood vessels.

  • There may be inflammation occurring in the feet and toes owing to the presence of the virus in the patient’s body.

While most critical patients suffering from respiratory distress have passed away due to systematic inflammation; neither of the above-mentioned causes can be confirmed at this time, as this research is still in its initial stages and a more in-depth study is required.

Doctors have advised that people who notice any unusual patterns or skin discoloration on their feet should seek medical help immediately. Even if they test negative for coronavirus, being quarantined at home is strongly recommended to avoid infecting other members of the family and others in the community where they reside. We are here for you – contact us by telephone 718-624-7537, live chat, or book on-line via our scheduling system.

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
February 10, 2020
Category: Foot Care
Tags: foot conditions   exercise  

Are you one of those who set fitness goals at the beginning of the New Year, but end up sitting back? Is that because you injured your feet or suffered pain due to overuse?

Well, don’t let your fun stop. We at Joseph Stuto, DPM have a team of experts who treats a wide variety of foot conditions including sports injuries, in-toeing, bunions, hammertoes, sprains, fractures, diabetic foot disorder, shin splints, and more.

Just follow these few tips and we are sure that you will be back on track:

  • Consult our foot doctor Dr. Joseph Stuto, who is a board-certified podiatrist. Not only will he conduct a thorough examination of your feet and lead your way back to recovery, but he can also suggest other fitness routines that will relieve pain and have a lesser impact on your feet so that they can heal properly.
  • Footwear is crucial for the health of your feet. We cannot overemphasize the use of the right shoes for your activities. When going shoe shopping, make sure that you buy shoes that have enough room for movement, provide a strong grip and support to your heels and arches, and, most importantly, are the right size.
  • Stop if you feel pain or discomfort. Do not persist thinking the pain will go away by itself. Overuse of the muscles can rupture or damage your tissue which could hold you back longer than expected. Listen to your body and visit your podiatrist right away.
  • Taking a buddy along with you for exercise always helps. Not only is that added encouragement to keep pursuing your goals, but you both will have a constant reminder to take it slow and steady.
  • Don’t forget to stretch and warm-up before you start, as most muscle pulls and sprains occur when people skip flexing routines.

If you feel discomfort in your feet or ankles, call us at any of our offices located in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403, New York and schedule an appointment right away. Why suffer when we are here to help?

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
December 30, 2019
Category: Foot Care

This New Year, let’s resolve to be more careful and protective of our feet. While many of you would be all set for your get-in-shape plans, don’t forget that your feet as much attention if not more.

Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight is not only good for your body, but it also reduces the burden on your feet and prevents many foot issues like flat feet, heel pain, plantar fasciitis and the like. However, don’t let this be a jump, start, halt and forget the routine.

At Joseph Stuto, DPM, we advise our patients to be consistent, be patient and take it slowly. Start with less intense exercise routines and then move your way up once you get in the flow.

Before you start, here a few things to consider:

  • Get yourself the correct footwear: make sure it is comfortable and shock absorbent. That means it should provide extra support for your heels and arches so that they don’t come under undue stress or pressure.

  • Make an appointment with your foot doctor and get your feet examined before you kick start. It is best to know the state of your feet so that you don’t suffer from any painful conditions later on. Checking to see if any existing condition like ankle sprains, injuries or infections is under control is equally important.

  • If you have diabetes, it is best to consult our podiatrist Dr. Joseph Stuto who will examine your feet and devise a customized food and exercise plan that is essential for your needs.

If you have any questions or doubts about your fitness or the condition of your feet, feel free to call any of our offices located in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403 today. Remember, if your feet are happy, you will be happy too!