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With the lockdown situation taking a toll on everyone, it is not uncommon to hear people being mentally stressed, overworked, exhausted, and even frustrated.

With boredom kicking in, the situation becomes worse. However, there are a number of places that are offering a whiff of fresh air by arranging virtual tours for their visitors.

If you are missing art and animals in your life, here is a list of places that will rejuvenate you and bring you back in touch with your creative spirit:

  1. The National Aquarium—Feel the thrill of experiencing ocean life from the tropics to the tundra at this exciting landmark.
  2. The Atlanta Zoo is offering live streaming of the pandas at their facility. These adorable creatures are sure to light you up any given day.
  3. Monterey Bay Aquarium lets you explore the habitats via online footage of this breath-taking aquarium.
  4. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History—360 degree tours are always exciting. Combine that with all the exhibits of this facility; you will experience natural history all around you.
  5. The Cincinnati Zoo shares its live feed on Facebook for their Home Safari. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled experience.

Staying indoors can affect your physical health, as well. If you are concerned or feel that you need assistance with any foot or ankle problems, contact your podiatrist right away.

At Stuto Foot Specialist Podiatry, Dr. Joseph Stuto is an expert in treating a range of foot conditions such as sports injuries and other wounds, diabetic foot issues, toe deformities, arthritisnail fungus, arch problems, muscle sprains, and stress fracture, heel pain and more. Contact our two offices in Brooklyn, NY, at (718) 624-7537 or (718) 567-1403 for more information. We are here for you. Stay safe and healthy always!

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
December 10, 2019
Category: Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is the muscle running down your calf and connecting it to your heel. This tendon is what keeps you running, walking or even standing. An overuse injury of the Achilles is known as Achilles tendonitis.

Sometimes when you subject it to excessive stress, it can become torn or damaged, resulting in pain and discomfort. In some cases, you may not be able to walk for a while depending on the severity of the damage.

Here are some effective treatments for Achilles tendonitis that will relieve you from pain:

  1. Reduce the level of exertion and physical activity that you engage in during your daily routine. Switching to relatively less-strenuous activities like swimming will let you stay off your feet and give the Achilles tendon some resting time to heal.
  2. Physical therapy comprising of light stretching and strengthening exercises will help in speeding up the healing process too.
  3. Using customized orthotic inserts and wearing properly fitted shoes can greatly improve the overall health of your feet. They can also aid in preventing a variety of other foot issues like flat feet, arch pain, joint deformities, bunions and more.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of RICE – rest, ice application, compression, and elevation.

If you feel pain in your Achilles tendon, do not ignore it. Visit your foot doctor and get your feet examined for proper diagnosis and treatment.

At Joseph Stuto, DPM, our experts are equipped with advanced technologies and possess vast experience in treating a variety of foot and ankle conditions including deformities, sports injuries, fungal problems, heel or arch pain, sprains and fractures and more.

For your concerns and queries, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Joseph Stuto. Contact us or visit any of our offices located in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403 for more information.

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
November 13, 2019
Category: Achilles tendon

Are you experiencing pain in your heels and is that causing difficulty in walking? There are many reasons for heel pain, and knowing the root cause for your pain is important so that the right course of treatment is administered.

At Joseph Stuto, DPM we have identified some of the common sources of heel pain. These include:

  • Achilles tendon inflammation or tendonitis;
  • Bone fracture is extremely painful and can lead to an extended duration of immobility;
  • Excessive weight on the heels due to ill-fitted or poorly structured shoes;
  • Injury to the soft tissue or tendons that are spread across under your feet and along the sides as well;
  • Painful inflammation or damage to the plantar fasciitis;
  • Neuroma or nerve damage linked to diabetes can also affect the heel and cause pain.

Tissue damage and neuropathy are hard to diagnose, especially during the early stages. Precaution and care can mitigate their effects and reduce heel pain substantially.

Moreover, our patients can benefit from Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) for heel pain. This therapy is a safe and effective treatment for heel pain.

If your heels hurt and you are unsure of the cause, visit any of our offices located in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403 for a thorough examination, treatment, and cure. Our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Joseph Stuto has a great deal of experience in treating a multitude of foot disorders and problems like injuries and wounds, fungal infections, toenail issues, stress fractures, sports injuries, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, ankle sprains and more. Don’t delay your treatment and don’t take these issues lightly, as these pains may be indications of a serious underlying problem. Contact us for more information and appointments. Know that your feet are important to us!

By Joseph Stuto, DPM
July 10, 2019
Category: Achilles tendon

One of the strongest yet most vulnerable tendons in your body is the Achilles tendon, which connects the heel of your foot to your calf. While it enables you to indulge in walking, running, trekking and similar activities, if injured this tendon can severely handicap your ability to move.

At Joseph Stuto, DPM the two most frequent tendon conditions that we encounter are:

Achilles Tendonitis:

  • This is when the tendon suffers from inflammation due to excessive and persistent stress.
  • Engaging in an intensive work out after an extended duration of idleness or overexerting without taking a break can trigger the onset of this condition.
  • Lack of rest and care can worsen the condition as the injured tissue may not be able to repair and revert to its normal state.
  • Ongoing stress can cause deterioration and, with time, it could turn into Achilles tendonosis.

Achilles Tendonosis:

  • This is a degenerative condition that results from repeated microtrauma.
  • The tendon’s structure is adversely affected as its shape is altered, and it may lose its hold especially near the heel area.
  • The tendon becomes weak, stiff, and painful with likely occurrence of edema.
  • Without treatment, continuous overuse could also rupture the tendon which usually requires surgery.

Treatment for these conditions varies based on the duration and amount of damage inflicted on the tendon. Ice application, temporary immobilization, and anti-inflammatory medication can resolve the issue; however, it is advised to consult your foot doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Joseph Stuto is highly experienced in treating disorders related to the Achilles tendon and other foot health issues. Depending on your condition, they may recommend physical therapy including strengthening exercises, compression and stretching routines to ease the tendons and restore their functioning. For more information, you may contact our offices located in Brooklyn Heights (718) 624-7537 and Brooklyn (718) 567-1403.